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We run a 75mtpd Shea Fractionation and Refining plant targeted at producing Shea Stearin, Shea Olein and Shea Latex at very high quality to meet international standards.

Our Processes are as simplified below

The crude Shea butter is first Delatexed (removal of the gums) and then fractionated into Shea Olein and Shea Stearin. These products are further processed by refining to ensure that all quality specifications are met to the internationally approved food standards.
Our products are further processed into specialty fats.


We go beyond defining quality as “devoid of defects”, get into the customer’s mind and design programmes to constantly improve the quality of our products and our marketing processes. Our well trained personnel ensure that all products going for packaging meet the specifications below.


Our products are packaged in

  • 25kg Paper cartons
  • 200ltr well cleaned barrels
  • 1000ltr
  • IBCIsotanks

We also make provision for any specifications that other customers may have.




  • We consider environmental issues as an integral part of our operations and do ensure that our entire workforce accepts and abides by this.
  • We are committed to implementing sound environmental policies, procedures and management systems.
  • We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by working in close collaboration with statutory regulatory bodies who furnish us with the needed input to support our environmental management policies.
  • We believe in making meaningful contribution to the creation of a sustainable environment for the benefit of generations yet unborn.

At IOFL, health and safety matters constitute a fundamental part of our policies and procedures.

Management incorporates health and safety policies and procedures into all contracts and ensures that they are enforced to the letter.

It is our corporate culture to provide our staff and such partners as contractors with the requisite training and equipment to perform their tasks in a safe and healthy manner.

We carry out routine tests on health and safety systems and procedures including emergency response systems for the purpose of making sure that they are effective.